Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fall came and went...

We have been having so much fun the past few months. Andrew is doing so well in school, gymnastics and soccer. He has been going to preschool 4 days a week (which I was a little leary about) and loves it. He knows all of his letters, is starting to work on some reading and is starting on addition. He is coming along a little slowly on his writing skills and so we are focusing on that for now. He is still determined that he does not want to turn five because he doesn't want to go to Kindergarten, he wants to stay at his school. He gets to sit in the back row with the kindergartners because "I am tall too." He is doing very well with his social and his interactions and is really so fun to watch with his friends. He loves soccer - he just had his last game and is sad that it's over. The start of the season was good but Andrew was not too into the game. At his second or third game right as the 2nd half started he just got this determined look on his face and went for the ball. That was the beginning of a very fun season - with LOTS of goals. He scored 6 goals at one game and never scored less that 2 (yes, he started keeping track). It was fun to watch him get into the game and he always cheered for his teammates and was hi-fiving the other teams when he knew the kids from school. We love watching Andrew develop and cannot believe how much he is growing and developing - he is such a good boy and is just loving life!
Tyler is quite the funny boy these days. His most frequent statement is "Stopit, be nice to me" and always includes a finger point/shake. He is fearless and is difficult for me to keep up with. Injury prevention is my main focus these days! Ty loves to cuddle and be held - it is not very often that he is not on my hip or demanding to be held - the only way I can get him to walk is to "race me Ty-Ty." Ty talks very well, tells everyone "My names Ty-Ty," or "I am Ty-Ty." He loves the park, playing trains and riding his bike. He is still quite the daddy's boy - most days we have to stop in and see Sean just to keep Ty happy! He eats like a champ, can count to 20, say his ABCs and loves stories and music.
In October we spent some time in California going to Disneyland. We spent 2 days in Disneyland and the boys LOVED it. It rained our first day there and it was awesome! we did not have to wait more than 10 minutes in a line all day, which was great for the boys! We loved the Buzz Lightyear ride, Small World, Playhouse Disney Show and the Parade. We went for one day to Magic Mountain to see Thomas Town, it was a little dissappointing but the kids loved it. We also spent a day at the beach - we rode the ferry over to Balboa Park, built sandcastles, watched a skimboarding contest, ate on the pier, gathered sea shells and played in the surf. We had so much fun and the boys were absolutely perfect! They played so well, slept great at the hotel and were all around agreeable! We couldn't have had more fun!
We spent Thanksgiving at Ellen's house with some of her family and had fun. We headed up to Salt Lake and spent some time with Rick, Kelly and Bella and rode the Polar Express in Heber. Andrew was quite excited about it - was ecstatic to sing Christmas Carols in the microphone on the train - not shy at all! Tyler didn't love Santa Claus but also didn't scream hysterically either (which is a major improvement for him)! We of course went to the Discovery Museum which the kids love, did a little shopping and stayed at Kelly and Rick's house - which the boys also LOVE!
We are so excited for Christmas - I really do love this time of year. I love shopping for and getting to do things for other people. We have most of the decorating done, which is also a lot of fun for us.
We are just enjoying the boys right now! They are at such fun stages. We love watching them grow and learn so much everyday!
Merry Christmas...

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