Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time flies...When you're havin FUN!

Andrew is Five today - and of course, I CANNOT believe it! I remember finding out that Sean and I were going to be parents, that Sean sneaked a peek on the ultrasound so we found out IT'S A BOY, and then that he was going to arrive a little early, and then that our family was saying hello to a 6 pound 11 ounce HEALTHY boy! We both knew his name was going to be Andrew - we had 3 names written on the board in the delivery room, but our tiny little boy with a thin beautiful layer of dark hair (surprise) looked like and felt like an Andrew. We thought we would call him Drew but it just hasn't ever happened - he is Andrew - and he is so special and amazing! Everything that I see in his clear,bright blue BEAUTIFUL eyes is what he is becoming!
He is loving preschool - I was so nervous at the beginning of the year because he insisted he wanted to go EVERYday - I gave in and signed him up for Monday - Thursday. He is thriving and he LOVES it, and still asks if he can go on Daddy's day (which is Fridays, because Sean stays home with the boys while I work). Andrew is working with the Kindergartners on their work - he thinks it is because he is BIG and sits on the back row - he has some size on most of the other kids- but it is because he is really doing well. He is starting to work on reading boxes - which is sight words and sounding things out! We have really progressed on his writing and fine motor skills - it has been a little slow and alot of work but he is doing well and really working hard to be able to write well. He has turned in to quite the social boy - he knows all his "friends"(classmates) names and it is fun to watch him walking around and talking to all of them. He is kind of a little kidder and loves to tease and joke - he thinks he is quite hilarious. He often asks me, "Are you kidding me OUT!?! Come on Mom you have gotto be trickin me!" As you can tell, I am totally in love with and enamored with this child - I love all that he is becoming!
He loves to give me a kiss when I drop him off for school - and I usually get a quick kiss at pick up too - he is so loving and kind. He is starting to enjoy Tyler ALOT! They are finally reaching the point of being able to have fun playing together - and it is CUTE! My favorite times are watching Andrew help Tyler learn to do something. It goes a little something like this..."Okay TYTY it's not hard. Just watch I'll show you, just a couple simple steps..." and then Andrew gives very detailed instructions on how Ty is to do it! Andrew helped Ty get a bowl of cereal this morning all on his own doing - he set out Ty's blankie on the floor, helped Ty sit down and then brought him a bowl of cereal he had poured- with the spoon in it and everything! They have starting pooling their efforts together to accomplish things and to play - so cute! I have a feeling that this could mean trouble in the very near future! I heard Ty crying the other morning, rushed out and found Andrew sitting on the floor with Ty pulled up onto his lap and he was helping Ty hold his blanket and saying, "It's okay Ty Ty, just sit here, don't be sad I will kiss it better." That is Andrew - he has times where he gets a little aggressive and bossy -but really Andrew is just a sweetheart!
His friends have started to become very important to him - and he is starting to enjoy playing with a lot of different boys in the neighborhood - it has been fun! he misses soccer and is excited to start that again next month and then Tball the next month - He likes the team sports and has been a great little teamplayer! He likes to ride his bike at the park, ride his scooter down the hill at our house, play trains and geotraxs, and paint. He still LOVES to sing all sorts of primary and preschool songs. He sometimes has a few of his own funny wordings in there, but most of the time it works! Row row row your boat gently down a stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily life's a SUBMARINE, when I told him that didn't sound right he changed it to Life's a summer dream and insists that my ending of Life is but a dream is wrong and that his is right! And he is determined!
He started skiing this year - loved it - to our surprise- and actually remembers his snow plow and does quite well! He still likes to sag his pants and I'm afraid I might not be saying goodbye to his constant crack image anytime soon! Happy Birthday to MY ANDREW and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the day we got to start living our dreams and became parents! Our kids truly have made us better people and bring us inexplainable happiness and excitement!


the stahle's said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I can't believe he is 5 already! He is such a cute little guy! Hope you guys enjoyed the holidays!

DANIELLE said...

This was so cute, I could hear Andrew's voice all the way through this post... he really is so cute and loving. You guys really are getting old though... a kid that is going to be going to school????