Monday, September 14, 2009

Fish Lake 2009

We spent the weekend up at Fish Lake in SE Utah. What a beautiful place. The leaves were starting to change and there were streams and lakes everywhere. We also saw lots of cows and calves which was the highlight for Tyler. Sean, Andrew and Grandpa Warren spent a bit of time fishing. Andrew caught 2 fish but he was most excited that he got to drive the fishing boat that they had rented! My favorite activity was a nice bike ride with Linda, Moses and Ty in the bike trailer. I also went on my first ever horseback ride. It was so pretty, there were beaver dams and streams everywhere! We had such a great time and the boys loved being with Grandma Linda, Grandpa Warren, Moses and the horses (Stepper and Rio)! Sean and Warren turned out to be quite the dutch oven chefs! Sean has hidden this talent from me for so long! The food was SOOOOO good! The place was a little "remote" but very beautiful - and the boys loved it (and that is what matters)! What a weekend for us!

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B. Chad said...

Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Save some time for us over Christmas we will be in St George for about 10 days :) and would love to see you guys!