Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We had SUCH a nice Easter - we got to spend time with family and got to get away for a night to Brianhead. There is still a TON of snow so we got to ski, tube, swim/hot tub and they even had an easter egg hunt on the Bunny slope! We had our annual Easter picnic and the weather was perfect. We also checked out the Art Festival - which we do every year and it was even better than usual (yummmm, Irmitas Molitas are to DIE for, I seriously went back at lunch time just to get one To Go! I know, what a DORK I am!) The boys are just so excited about everything! We are loving holidays right now. The Easter Bunny hid their baskets in the closet at the condo - after mid morning Andrew gets this great idea - He says, "Mom, I am pretty sure that there is an easter bunny up here and at home - because he hides eggs in the backyard EVERY time - you remember that right? I assured him that there definitely is not 2 easter bunnies and that NO eggs or baskets would be waiting for him at home. That kid was trying to score 2 easter bunny visits! Andrew is doing pretty goood on the skis, but he really LOVES the tubing hill! He likes to talk poor Grandma Linda into going with him - over and over - he loves when she goes. After many tubing runs by both Linda and I we told Andrew it was OVER because it was FREEZING and windy! He said I can just go by myself - and sure enough he did go a few more times and was fine (definitely a change from the cautious boy that would NEVER leave my side!) I love his confidence and the way he works things out in his mind to figure out how to get what he wants.
Ty was just happy to have his snow boots and his beanie on - he just had his tractor and bucket marched up a little sand hill and was digging with the tractors. He was great excet
Sean and I actually got to break away for a few runs while Warren and Linda got worked over by the boys:) We did 2 VERY cold runs on our boards and it was great to just be together! Doing something we both like with no extra work to include the kids! I even made Sean sneak in to grab a soda together before we went back! IT was GREAT!
We love these two boys - and am having so much fun right now!

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