Friday, March 5, 2010

A quick Trip?

My sis has been down in St. George for the past week because her husband is in Hong Kong - this is clearly VERY exciting for me because I LOVE to see Danielle - and we just love to do things together! We decided that we would book a room - somewhere with a heated pool - and head to Vegas for a night! WOOHOO - right? Nope! Andrew was not having it - he had an ice cream party at preschool to celebrate passing off certain skills - OK so I bribe him - and I mean LOTS of bribing - and NOTHING works! So - I cancel the hotel room and we decide we'll just go for the day, play, have dinner, and come home - the car ride home..."Mom, I just have a lot of work I didn't get done at school - I don't think I should skip anymore." "I just think they will need to wait to have the ice cream party - I have got to finish my work." I assure him that I have spoken to his teachers and he will get all the ice cream and toppings he needs..."I just think I should finish my work - I really need to go to my school..." on and on (you get the point) HUH? He is barely 5! Ok, I'm probably not kidding anyone - I am kind of a nerd myself and have always loved school and been very self-motivated in that area - PLEASE let this be a good sign! PLEASE let him continue to have this same LOVE and Passion that I have! So Fun - I love this kid! And then there is Ty...I am pretty sure I am just going to hold my breath that Ty doesn't get himself kicked out of preschool - I can see it now:)

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DANIELLE said...

I'm so glad that you wrote this better cross your fingers that he keeps these high expectations of himself he is so funny!