Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Happy Pioneer Day!!! We spent the weekend at Big Rock Candy Mountain by Richfield, UT just up the Sevier River! It was gorgeous, temperatures between 60's - 90's and a little rain(It rained twice, once while we were kayaking and once while we were rafting, CRAZY huh)! Andrew and Tyler LOVED it! The campground was beautiful - our spot was at the bank of the river and there was a great fence seperating the camp ground from the river so it was safe for the boys! We did a lot of four-wheeling along the most beautiful trails that ran along streams/rivers and crossed over them several times. We rode a trail to a mine town that was abandoned in the early 1900's with much of the equipment and some of the buildings and things left there intact - It was Awesome - the boys were seriously impressed!!! We rode kayaks down the river and did a whitewater river rafting trip. The boys did great and LOVED both!!! There was a great restaraunt/cafe with delicious homemade desserts - Andrew took Mom on a date for some late night dessert one night and Dad one night(Andrew brought me home a cute rock bracelet), and all of us the other night! The boys slept well, played together, and really had fun with all of the things that we did! We had one injury - on our first 4-wheeler trail ride we stopped for a snack and Andrew brushed his hand/wrist across the exhaust and got burned. We coaxed him down to the river and got him to put his hand in and then my super prepared Hubbie had burn cream at the trailer - so it turned out okay but he has quite a blister. We LOVED our weekend and cannot wait to go back to Big Candy Rock Mountain!

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