Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tyler is 2!!!

Ty-Ty is turning 2 tomorrow - and I just cannot help but think how great this year has been. Tyler has completely outgrown his allergies, he is very happy and content. We love his laugh, the way that he loves to antagonize and tease Andrew and how much he loves to just play alone and do what he wants. Ty is so VERY determined - we love that about him. He hates time-out, being told what to do, and sharing his food! Ty will stop in his tracks anytime that food is mentioned. He LOVES to eat and will hardly EVER turn down a food offer:) We went to dinner tonight for his birthday and he said he wanted to sit in the saddle so we had them sing to him - he was a little nervous at first but then thought it was cool! We LOVE our little Ty-Ty!

Andrew is getting ready for school to start again. He told us that he wants to go everyday - so we compromised and are going to try 4 days a week - We went to his meet the teacher day and he has worn his backpack (or "jet pack" as he calls it) everyday since! He is having fun playing with his "friends" in the neighborhood, riding his bike and scooter, and getting ready for soccer to start. We LOVE our (big) Andrew!

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