Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well apparently some of you have been sending hate mail to Sean regarding my slacking on the blogging - thank you. It paid off in a big way. He surprised me with a Flip Mino video camera (the coolest thing ever!) for Valentine's Day. So I will hopefully be posting all sorts of cute videos! Hope you all are well. We are doing well - We are doing a dairy trial with Tyler, it has been about a week so far, and he is doing GREAT! He loves eating everything that Andrew is allowed to eat! What a relief and how exciting! He is so happy at meal times now and eating out is not totally embarrasing and awkward.
Andrew is doing lots of things and growing up so much! His most interesting thing is we took him to Brianhead to introduce the whole skiing thing - and this weekend he is on his way to ski school and he says he is excited and will do what the teacher tells him - so we will see!


B. Chad said...

We miss you guys too! I can't believe how big Tyler is getting!! We will keep our fingers crossed that he tolerates the dairy, that would be so nice for you guys.

The Larson's said...

Finally! It is so great to see that you all updated your blog. Tyler is so big!I am so happy for you all that he is doing okay on dairy. We have been keeping our fingers crossed for you! Love you guys!

Dalton Family said...

OK Cari if you post more regularly, I will =]