Sunday, September 7, 2008

Fun and Busy Summer!

So, it has been a while since I have posted - We have just been having tooo much fun! It is kind of nice that summer is over and things seem to be settling down for us. Andrew is back in preschool, The Barefoot Montessouri Program - He loves school and his teachers. He has also started soccer and is having fun with Sean as the coach! Tyler seems to be doing a lot better!!!!! This is our great news - He is actually eating some solid foods and cutting back on the bottles- he is also finally starting to put on some weight - which seems to be making him a lot happier! He is walking really well and is enjoying antagonizing Andrew. We get to go to Primary Children's this week to see a GI doctor and feel like we are probably going to get a good report!

We have been doing a lot of fun things - We spent July traveling! I took Andrew and Tyler to Salt Lake (I know it was very brave just me and the 2 boys) to pick up Sean's sister Kelly, Rick and their baby Bella who were visiting from Texas. We got to stay with my friend Becky and had soooo much fun - The highlight for us was the Zoo.

We then went down to Southern California for a Disneyland trip with Sean's family -The boys were great and we really had a great time. Andrew is still asking when we are going to go back to Disneyland - He was so brave he rode most of the big rides with us and loved them! He loved the Matterhorn and the Playhouse Disney Live Show. We had such s great trip - I don't know how it could have been any better!

Tyler had his FIRST birthday. He had to get an upper GI scope in surgery but luckily he woke up well and was able to have some cake at his birthday party that night (Thanks to his Aunt Danielle who made a very special soy and dairy free cake for him! And his Grandma Ellen who hosted what was supposed to be a swim party but the lightning put a stop to that!)

We have also been doing some camping - and yes by we I mean that I do actually go with the boys! We have been having a great time. We went to a family reunion up Beaver Canyon and went with some family up to Kolob. Both places were absolutely beautiful and so peaceful!

Well the Stuckis are doing well and we are just having fun every day. Andrew is growing up and his speech is doing really well. He is really improving and we are seeing great things thanks to his sessions with an awesome speech pathologist. He is getting bigger and funnier every day! Tyler is a screamer! He screams to let us know he wants something and for those of you who have not heard it, it is and ear piercing scream. He is also in love with animals and "meows" whenever he sees a kitty or a puppy! Luckily our neighbors have a kitty and a small puppy for Tyler to chase and meow at!

We are looking forward to our next trip, in October, we are going to San Diego - let us know if any of you have suggestions for FUN things to do - we have not taken the kids there before - so we are excited!


the stahle's said...

What a FUN summer! I loved seeing all the pictures. I can't believe that Tyler is 2. That is a cute cake--Danielle is a professional!

Tosha G said...

Sounds like you guys have been having a lot fun and staying busy. I'm glad to hear that Tyler is doing better. I love San Diego. We try and go every year, but didn't make it this year. As for suggestions, we just go to coronado island and mission beach, nothing too exciting but the kids like it. There's always see world if you want to spend $50 a ticket. Have fun!! Petco park is also there and I think they do tours.Baseball season will be over by Oct, but it might be fun to go see. Gas lamps quarters is a fun place to hang out down town!

Melissa Monday said...

It's so fun to read your blog. I love the pictures! I can't believe how big your boys are!!!! We miss you!

Shelley Family said...

We were wondering if you guys were still alive! Just kidding :) Sean is good at forwarding the best emails! It sounds like you had a great and fun filled summer! I can't believe how big the boys are getting! We are planning on being in St George the week after Christmas so we will have to hang out!

The Larson's said...

Well it is about time!! It is so good to see that you updated your blog so that I can finally see you all! Only a few more months until we get to see you all in person! Sure do love you guys! Your boys are getting so big and Andrew already playing soccer kills me! So darn cute!