Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Andrew starts school and Tyler has to go to the hospital

WOW! What a week we have had! We have been having lots of fun and lots of stress.
Andrew started at his new preschool - it is The Montessori Program at Barefoot Gymnastics, so he gets to go to gymnastics as part of his preschool. He absolutely loves it! When I picked him up today he said, "I want to go back to school." I told him that he got to come and play with me now because school was over. He then said (in his best whiny voice) "But Whyyyyyyy? Who would have thought that our reserved Andrew would be able to adjust like this. His favorite thing to do at school is the worksheets! He is working on numbers and letters and is learning so much. He is also learning how to play well with other kids and is doing fantastic! He is such a sweet boy and is so excited about all of his new friends.
Tyler has been our stress. He has been sick for a while now. We thought that he was adjusting well to his new formula but when we did a weight check he had actually lost weight and we realized that we had missed a lot of the signs that he was in fact having an allergic reaction to the formula. So. back to the Elecare! We just hope that he can adjust to being back on it - he has been so sick that we had to take him to the hospital for hydration - hopefully he will improve tonight or he has to go to the hospital in the morning and stay for at least a day or two to get some hydration and nutrition. He is being a real trooper but it has been hard. So keep us in your thoughts and prayers!
Which reminds me - Andrew said the cutest thing in his morning prayer a few days ago - He asked for Jesus to please help Tyler to feel better. It is so fun to see him growing and catching on to these things that we are trying to teach him. He really is such a sweet and sensitive child!
Sean and I have had an exciting week as well! We got lucky enough to stumble upon a Wii Fit game in the store (which we have really wanted), and we are having so much Fun with it. Don't worry I will include some crazy pictures of us playing our new games. It actually is fun. My Wii fit age was 45 - how embarrassing! Does anyone else have this game?


The Larson's said...

I am so sorry about Tyler! I hope that he is feeling better today! Andrew looks so cute with his backpack! Rick got the Wii Fit for his birthday from his grandparents. We just played it today and it is so fun! If it makes you feel better I was 47! Have you guys seen the new Mario Kart?
We will definitely keep Tyler in our prayers! Love you guys!

Rory, Trina, Katy, and Trey said...

That is so hard to see your kids when they are sick. I hope he is feeling better. I don't have a wii fit but I really want one. They look like so much fun.

Tosha G said...

I'm sorry Tyler has been so sick. Sounds like he's had a rough beginning. We'll be keeping you in our prayers. Kelsie had to get stitches when she was 13 mos old and I about started crying. It's hard to see them sick. Hang in there.

Tosha G said...

OH, I forgot sounds like andrew is keeping busy and having fun. I can't believe he has started preschool. He is going to be a smart kid, like his parents. I wish they had a montessori school here, I wanted to put Drew in one.